Imaging Solutions works with healthcare facilities to provide full-time scanning services with minimal risk. Having full-time services assists your healthcare facility in increasing patient referrals and maintaining a referral base.

Due to economic factors, many facilities are concerned about the viability of purchasing permanent imaging equipment. A fixed mobile provides the benefits of full-time imaging services, while minimizing the financial risks of the providing the service.

Advantages of a fixed mobile solution:

  • Offers the ability to evaluate services, while eliminating the need to finance fit-up, shielding and construction renovations for the operating space.
  • A stationary mobile allows imaging services to be added to your facility without requiring additional space.
  • Your facility doesn't have to allocate capital to purchase new equipment. With a fixed mobile solution, your facility may have little or no up-front expenses.

A fixed mobile attached to your facility eliminates exposing patients to the elements through the use of awnings, canopies or connected walkways.

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